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Parent/Guardian & Student Portals

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is FUSD's student information system. It provides students the ability to access their class related information, and parents/guardians to view student information. It is used for enrollment, MAZE forms, and secondary report cards.

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Illuminate has assessment information, elementary report cards, and student data reporting.

FOr PArents - Illuminate DNA System parent portal account

Please Contact your school office for help. We are sorry this is not a smoother process and thank you for your patience.

October 8th, a notice was sent to parents to register for an Illuminate Parent Portal account. There have been a lot of questions received on this. Here are the frequently asked questions we have received, as well as a process to assist parents.

Why do we have Illuminate if we now have Infinite Campus?

Illuminate has several parts to its product. Previously, they had a student information system that we used for a number of years. Illuminate's student information system no longer exists, which led to the move to Infinite Campus. Illuminate also has a product called DnA (Data & Assessment), which is still used by the district for assessments, elementary report cards, and student data reporting. 

Didn’t parents already have an Illuminate Parent Portal account?

Yes. When Illuminate had both a student information system and DnA, they were a combined system. However, when Illuminate dropped their student information system, this process resulted in a different method for Parent Portal accounts in DnA. This is the reason why parents are being asked to setup a new Parent Portal account in the Illuminate DnA portion of their system.

Why do parents need to create an Illuminate Parent Portal account?

This will be the primary way we distribute elementary report cards and state testing results to parents. Because we expect a lot of parents will need more time to create accounts, elementary report cards will be emailed via BrightArrow directly to parents. The elementary report cards will  also be posted in the Parent Portal.

If parents have a problem creating their account, how can they get assistance?

Any parents who inquire to the Technology Department or other district departments for portal assistance will be directed to contact their school office.

Other Parent SUpport Links

Clever Login Instructions - Contact your child's teacher

Technology Tutorials Website - Alphabetized topics based on learning technology activities that include videos and tutorials.  Classroom Tools | Learning Apps | Logins Please note some tutorials are from external sources and no FUSD endorsement is intended.

Staff Member Having Trouble Logging In?

Google Sign OutSign in with your Staff Google Username ( for Staff and Teacher Links and Gmail - You may be already signed in under another Google Account ( or because many of us have our own personal Gmail and Google Drive Folders - You may receive Errors - Like "404" Not Found (broken robot) and "You need permission…" 

To sign out - Go to and click the upper right corner user circle icon (opens pull down menu) of who is signed in then sign out the non-staff FUSD account.

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