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Superintendent’s Shout Out

differenceFremont Unified has over 3,000 employees who work tirelessly and joyfully on behalf of our students. Each month the Superintendent has invited principals and supervisors to nominate hardworking employees for recognition.

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Glynis Mason
Selected this month is Special Education Program Specialist Glynis Mason. Glynis Mason is the special education program specialist for the Irvington Attendance Area. She has been a great support for our site as we have many students with IEP's. She has many schools to take care of in the attendance area, but does her best to communicate and work with each site. Thank you so much for taking care of all our needs Glynis!


February 2020 nominees:

Site / Department Staff Name Reason
Adult Education Brenda Banchieri Brenda is a dedicated, effective, engaging, supportive, and nurturing early childhood education teacher. Her role is unique, in that her students are all adult parents, learning parenting and early childhood education best practices while they are in Mommy, Daddy, and Me classes at FACE. Brenda's excellence is evident in the reviews she receives from her students. The classes are always full, and during most quarters, there are waiting lists. Brenda goes above and beyond in everything she does.
American High Tony Anderson While Mr. Anderson is a relatively new member of the American High staff, (2 years and counting) he has quickly made an impact campus-wide. Mr. Anderson works hard to make his classroom a safe learning space in which students are comfortable asking for help from their peers and from him. Mr. Anderson can often be found cheering on students at athletic events, supporting students in rallies, and maintaining a visible presence on-campus outside of his classroom. This year Mr. Anderson is working with our athletics department to implement a new Athletics Leadership group to instill a positive athletics culture and build the leadership presence of our athletes off the fields and courts.
Blacow Elementary Ruth Cheung Ruth goes above and beyond the call of duty. Since she speaks Spanish and Mandarin she has been a great help in our office when she is here. Ruth also is very proactive - she will call parents regarding student absences due to illness. She follows up with the student's doctor (with parents signed consent of course) to clarify illnesses and anything else the school can do for the family. On several occasions, we had to call 911 due to students injuries or incidents at our school, Ruth follows up with the family to check on the status of the student - even weeks after the incident. Ruth is an asset to Blacow and the school district.
Brier Elementary Julie Hale Julie is amazing at her craft. Her library is welcoming to all. Each year she chooses a theme which is used to promote reading, check-out, turning books in on time and contests. Julie always reads to all of her students each week, asks high level questions which promotes Brier Mission Statement. She gives 100% every minute of every day, does more with less and all with a smile. We are thankful to have Julie as part of our team!
Brookvale Elementary Debbie Masterson (Special Education) Debbie is supporting Brookvale students and teachers this school year by teaching skills needed to cope with anger, anxiety, and impulsivity. I overheard a conversation between two second graders reminding the classmate to use their "tools" when a student was becoming noticeable upset. It is such a help to have Debbie come and interact with our students and teachers and provide all of us with "tools" to use in stressful situations.
Cabrillo Elementary Claudia Fuentes Claudia started with Cabrillo February 3 and will close out the school year with me. Claudia brings a wealth of experience. Most recently she opened Glenmoor with Principal Benevides and was the Parkmont attendance clerk sub the month of January. She is incredibly well-organized and has picked up where our Cabrillo secretary (on maternity leave) left off. Claudia has been warmly received by the Cabrillo staff and community. Her communication skills are excellent. More importantly, she shows initiative and has already refined some existing processes. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to work alongside Claudia.
Centerville Junior High Hector Mendoza Hector is a dedicated staff member at Centerville Junior High School. He has a good rapport with students and supports staff. He takes Mustang Pride in keeping the facilities clean and safe. He works closely with his team to not only support the site needs but also to support the community. Hector also has an incredible sense of humor and often keeps us all laughing. He definitely contributes to a positive school climate. Hector also does an excellent job of managing his team of custodians.
Chadbourne Elementary Barth Paine (Superintendent's Office) Barth came out to our site and sat with my secretary and I for an hour to go through how to work our website. He was patient, kind and comical with all our questions. I really appreciated his time to give us a personal one on one lesson. Both myself and my secretary felt grateful as we can now update our website. The frustration has gone and now we can provide our parents with all they need. Thank you!!
Durham Elementary Anita Saxena Anita is Durham's well loved Science teacher who makes science exciting and fun. She is very devoted to NGSS and is determined to have our fifth grade students excel on the CAST test. In fact, students under her instruction have showed dramatic growth every year on state science assessments. She is Durham's Teacher of the Year! Congratulations Miss Anita!!!
Forest Park Elementary Stephanie Smith Stephanie is hard working and dedicated to teaching our resource students. She splits her time between two schools and she still manages to get everything done! Stephanie knows how to be delicate and supportive when talking to families about student progress and successes. Stephanie goes out of her way to ensure her students reach their goals! She is such an important part of the Forest Park team!
Glankler Preschool Isabel Louise Gordon Ms. Gordon is a special education teacher who completes initial evaluations as part of two preschool assessment teams. Since the start of the school year, the assessments have totaled a whopping 77! When she is not testing, preparing reports, or prepping IEP documents, she participates on the Instructional Leadership Team and serves as an instructional coach working with new teachers. She even finds time to participate in community events in support of Glankler students, such as the FEF Run 4 Education!
Glenmoor Elementary Steve Fleminger Steve goes above and beyond everyday and he does it for the students of Glemoor Elementary School. In addition to comprehensive units in PE he is also our basketball coach for both of our teams. To raise funds for the sports programs he runs snack bars at our Family Movie Nights and Carnival. Steve is also our intermediate chorus director. He is an important part of our students' school experience and adds something special to the culture of the school.
Gomes Elementary Richard McQuade Mr. Mac has done noon supervision at gomes for many years. He holds the students to a high standard and he also is friendly and playful at times. Mr. Mac is 85 years old and so he brings a added generation to the works of Gomes.
Green Elementary Ricardo Ramos (Maintenance) Ricardo always comes to the rescue! There have been many times that we have needed help ASAP and he is always here quickly to take care of us. Ricardo is friendly and kind to all.
Grimmer Elementary Kathy Mitchell Kathy is the glue that holds Grimmer together! She has created an atmosphere in our office that is welcoming and happy! She NEVER says she can't do something. She completes every task with enthusiasm and accuracy. She is happy to help anyone at any time, well above and beyond the expected duties of her position. She is one very important reason why Grimmer is known as "Grimmerland, the happiest place on earth!"
Hirsch Elementary Darryl Cash Darryl is our lead Bulldog! He opens up our school each morning with a smile and greets staff as he sets up for lunch. Every day, he rolls out extra benches so more students have the opportunity to eat outside. He handles large assemblies with ease as he rolls out our entire set of benches so all our students can fit in the MUR. He is quick to help out when a tetherball rope is stuck or a ball needs rescuing from a roof or hidden space. Darryl can be counted on for emergencies and assistance at all times!
Hopkins Junior High Michael Murray (Technology) Michael helped us to track down with "digital evidence" in a very short time frame a student that was at risk of self injury. In less then an hour he provided the missing information we needed to get help for the student and his family. Michael dropped everything he was busy working on to help a school site.
Horner Junior High Christina Flores Christina is a go getter. She is willing to take on tasks that the average person might not want to tackle. She has stepped up and taken on not only the role of registrar but has taken on deposits and the accounting aspect of our school and ASB. She is highly organized, she has a great personality and also runs the social committee for our school ensuring that everyone is thought of on special days and recognized. Christina is a breath of fresh air and is extremely dependable. Go Christina!
Irvington High Chris Dumont Chris is a huge asset to Irvington. He is always willing to help staff and teachers with their classroom needs and is quick with a smile and a kind word. We are very appreciative that he is here and takes such good care of our school.
Leitch Elementary Todd Gutierrez (Technology) Todd is always fast and reliable when we need him. He is an all around good guy and when he is on site he is always smiling and helping out. We can always count on Todd to follow through whether it is helping in the office with technology or for any teacher that needs assistance. Thanks Todd for all your do for Leitch!
Maloney Elementary Angie Andersen Angie has been the secretary at Maloney for a long time. She is well known in the community and is an asset to students, parents, and staff. Her dedication to the job and her willingness to help others has made her an invaluable member of the staff.
Mattos Elementary Seth Colitz Mr. Colitz is an outstanding teacher leader at our site who works with all students, staff, and our community. In addition to being a wonderful teacher he coordinates our SBAC Testing,he serves on School Site Council, helps train staff, and constantly supports our site with technology.
Millard Elementary Angie Yee As a new secretary, Angie started Millard off on a great start for 2020. She brightens our office with her warm smile, welcoming everyone to our school. With a long to-do list and many new procedures to learn, she works diligently, always with a bright smile and positive attitude. Millard is thankful and lucky to have Angie!
Mission San Jose Elementary Courtney Bridges (Special Education) Courtney has made herself available to meet the needs of our SDC Intensive Instruction teachers, students and parents on an endless basis. Due to Courtney's attention to detail, our two programs are running so smoothly due to Courtney's efforts.
Mission Valley Elementary Randa Matar Randa has transformed the primary science classroom at Mission Valley. Students are engaged and completing hands-on lessons. Mrs. Matar has created curriculum that support the NGSS Standards in 1st – 3rd grade. She works tirelessly to create an environment where students are excited about science. She includes projects and lessons that take students outside. She also encourages and welcomes teachers to stop by and see what the students are doing. She does whatever it takes to make science exciting for our students.
Oliveira Elementary Jenny Inman-Appelgren Jenny has been a proactive leader in bringing positive behavior approaches to dealing with student behaviors throughout our entire campus. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and is willing to share it with anyone who is interested. The passion that she has for all students is infectious and permeates through all aspects of the school community.
Parkmont Elementary Sherri Hamilton Sherri is a dedicated, hardworking teacher who always makes time for her students AND colleagues. She wears so many hats including C&I Liaison, Grade level lead and Induction mentor. She's provided valuable PD to teachers on the new report card and various other topics over the years. She tries new strategies, and always shares with her team and staff the plethora of resources she finds, uses and creates. Teaching is more than a full time job and for her to take on so many other duties is appreciated greatly!
Patterson Elementary Erica Maciel Ms. Maciel is a dedicated teacher making sure that she is reaching every child. Her innovative lessons are not only fun but she is also makes sure that her students are meeting standards. Ms. Maciel is always ready to lend a hand when needed and she is always thinking of how she can help make our school be better. She works with colleagues in both grade levels and communicates with them often to share best practices. She truly is an asset to our school.
Robertson/Vista Rocio Prado Ms. Prado is the face of the administrative office. She is the first person to greet and interact with the RHS community. She is a dedicated employee and always puts students first. Ms. Prado is a "Fight Club" mentor where she guides and supports her team of students with academic and social emotional skills.
Thornton Junior High Sarita Trujillo Mrs. Trujillo is all about the kids! She teaches our dance class and is able to get these shy boys moving and enjoying the class and showing their moves. Each year for the last 4 years her students represent the Junior High and perform at the FEF Gala. This year she has opened the gym mat lunch so kids can play Ping Pong. Her dedication and commitment to the students and community of Thornton is unparalleled.
Vallejo Mill Elementary Sarah Landon This is Sarah's first year as an Elementary Counselor. However, she had been a classroom teacher in FUSD for severals years prior. Having had that classroom experience is an asset to our counseling program. She engages students in discussions and lessons that cultivate an appreciation for others who may be different or lack pro-social skills, in group or individual settings. Sarah is part of the COST Team and is always willing to support staff with students in crisis. She has built positive relationships with students, staff, and parents. We appreciate all her efforts and feel lucky to have her as part of our school community!
Warm Springs Elementary Tory Leung Tory has worked diligently all year long to meet the educational needs of Warm Springs EL and intervention students. Whether working with small groups of students, collaborating with teachers, or preparing for ELPAC testing, Tory's professionalism and positivity makes her a pleasure to work with. We are lucky to have Tory at Warm Springs!
Washington High Donna Hartigan I believe I have nominated Donna for this award before, but she has really gone above and beyond, the last two months. Donna is filling both the Principal Secretary and Account Clerk position and she has done a tremendous job keeping Washington afloat. Donna works hard, stays late and always has a smile on her face. We would be lost without her. Thank you, Donna.
Weibel Elementary Glynis Mason (Special Education) Glynis Mason is the special education program specialist for the Irvington Attendance Area. She has been a great support for our site as we have many students with IEP's. She has many schools to take care of in the attendance area, but does her best to communicate and work with each site. Thank you so much for taking care of all our needs Glynis!
Assessment & Accountability Betty Chou Betty has been with the department only for a few short weeks, but she has already become a valued teammate. She jumped right in to a number of projects and shown herself to be a fast learner and great co-worker. We're very fortunate to have Betty!
Curriculum & Instruction Kristin Dil Due to a variety of reasons, Kristin spent the last two months as our only elementary Instructional Coach. She has taken on this huge load with grace and willingness. In spite of all the schools she has been supporting, she never says no to a request. Thank you, Kristin, for keeping support flowing to our elementary schools!
Elementary Education Nicole Bryant Nicole organizes wonderful opportunities for our students. From the Spelling Bee to the Art Displays, Nicole leaves no detail out. We appreciate all of the behind the scenes work she does to make sure each event runs smoothly.
Human Resources Alexis Stewart Alexis Stewart is the newest addition to the HR family and works in the capacity of Personnel Assistant 1. Alexis began working in Human Resources in September and has quickly familiarized herself with the District and has become an asset to the team. Alexis provides excellent customer service and is always willing to help her colleagues.
Secondary Education Ana Esquivel Ana is polite, clear, professional and dedicated to supporting the office of Secondary Education. She works hard to be responsive and attentive to the needs of all staff with who she comes in contact. Ana is not afraid to ask questions and let visitors know she will seek out information and respond to them. The best part...she does respond. Even when a parent is upset Ana remains calm and reassures the parent that their needs will be addressed. I have never seen anyone leave Ana's desk upset or confused. FUSD is lucky to have Ana.
Special Education Carli Kim Carli is dedicated to the well being of students which is evident in her responsiveness to site needs. Carli is reliable and problem solves effectively. She never hesitates to step up when an issue arises that needs to be handled immediately. The special education department is inundated with issues and it is often challenging to prioritize each in order to respond as quickly as possible. Carli is committed to addressing tasks and resolving issues so that sites have what they need to support their special education students.
Student Support Services Virginia Peters Virginia has done a great job making sure all of our translation requests are being filled. Virginia is always available to assist others when help is needed. She is very dependable and always has a great attitude.
Transportation Jeff Silva Jeff Silva is the type of school bus driver every family wants driving their children. He always has a smile for his students, families, and staff members at FUSD. Jeff provides service for some of our youngest students al Glankler and Blacow who cannot speak for themselves. Having a driver like Jeff allows our parents the ability not to worry about this because when they send their kids with Jeff they know the kids are in great hands. It is a pleasure to have Jeff as a part of our FUSD Transportation Family.
Posted 3/5/20