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Staff COVID-19 Protocols

Example of current Protocols as of 9/17/20

If an employee tests positive or is presumed positive, for COVID-19, they should contact their supervisor immediately.

Their supervisor will immediately report this incident using a specific reporting form (Supervisor Only) provided to administration. Using the information from that form, Ms. Monica Miller, Health Coordinator, in conjunction with our Human Resources team and Risk Management, will begin a detailed process of case investigation and contact tracing. This reinforces the importance of completing your daily COVID-19 symptom screener - (Staff Only) for any site you visit each day. Not only does it help everyone self assess their symptoms, but it is a vital tool in contract tracing as well.

How will I know if someone is presumed positive, or has tested positive?

FUSD will send out an all staff notice when there is a case identified. Please note, this will be a very broad notice as information only, and will not have any details or information about the case. Our team will begin contact tracing right away. Once it is determined what school site(s), program(s), district vehicles, or other worksite(s), are affected, a site-specific notice will go to the employees who are assigned to those respective locations. This site-specific notice is a letter that will inform employees that an individual was at your worksite during their infectious period. This site-specific notice is intended to strike a balance of providing more detailed notice to the appropriate populations, while not identifying any individual due to personal and medical privacy rights. It is always our intention to provide timely notice, however, please be aware the case investigation and contact tracing can be very time intensive. Please know that we will always work to get proper notices sent out as soon as possible.

It is noted that a general letter and site-specific letter are not the most personal approach to these issues. The primary focus is to provide the most timely notice possible and making individual phone calls regarding a general notice may be prohibitive to timely communication and cause delays in contract tracing.

How will I know if I have been exposed?

This is the core focus of our contact tracing efforts. While there are general and site-specific notices, as described above, if you are determined to be a close contact of an individual who is positive or presumed positive, you will be personally contacted by an administrator. You will also receive a separate and specific letter, regarding the next steps, instructions for potential quarantine, and testing information. Please note, close contact is defined by a person who is within 6ft of distance for more than 15 consecutive minutes (as defined by the CDC). This is another great reminder of why physical distancing and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage are such important preventative measures. Again, you will only receive this person-to-person communication and individualized letter if you are identified as a close contact.

In a circumstance where an employee who works at multiple locations is positive, we may need to notice multiple groups, as outlined above. Additionally, for any circumstance outlined above, the school/worksite(s) identified will undergo a deep cleaning as soon as possible.

Again, please know that our primary focus in any positive case or presumed positive case is to conduct timely contact tracing and notify individuals who may have been in “close contact” as soon as possible. It is for these reasons, that we will send a general notice to all employees, a site-specific notice to all staff at an affected site, and make personal contact with any individual who has been in close contact.

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Sample of Staff Self-Screening Form