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Native American Studies

IntroductionNative American Studies

The Native American Studies Program is funded by a Title VI federal grant serving American Indian/Alaskan Native Fremont Unified K-12 students.  This program provides after school tutoring in math and language arts with small group instruction throughout the school year by certificated teachers.

Cultural enrichment focuses on strengthening the children's Native American identity and sense of belonging to a supportive community. Cultural classes include hands on activities such as Native crafts, cooking, drumming, as well as storytelling, and learning about traditional values.

Families are invited to be involved in the program by attending family night gatherings, and Native cultural events throughout the community. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate at the monthly Parent Advisory Committee Board meetings, and are welcome to volunteer at the center.

Native American Museum Fieldtrip Tours  

Fremont Adult School
4700 Calaveras Ave. Room 20
Fremont, CA  94538


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Distrito Escolar Unificado de Fremont Programa de Estudios Indio Americanos  

What's Happening at the NASP Center?

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