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Curriculum Based Assessments


The curriculum-based assessments are used by teachers to determine student learning and help guide next instructional steps.  There are several types of curriculum-based assessments that a classroom teacher may choose to use. Some assessments are not sent home in order to maintain the integrity of the curriculum’s instructional goals.

The following assessments may be sent home by the teacher:

Math Quizzes   

Math Unit Review/Tests (from workbooks)                                              

ELA Weekly Assessments                                                              

ELA Student Workbooks (TCRs)

Social Studies tests and quizzes created by the classroom teacher


The following assessments will not be sent home:

Math Unit Assessments   

Math Smarter Balance Books                            

ELA Unit Assessments          

Any other ELA assessments (fluency, screeners, etc.)    

Social Studies tests and quizzes that are prebuilt or customizations of the prebuilt assessments