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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

The Fremont Unified School District encourages parent involvement and support of our schools. Parents are an integral part of our school system and we appreciate all efforts put forth by our parent communities. 

Volunteer and Chaperone Clearance

In order to clarify the parameters of parent involvement, answers are provided for the following list of questions from the community (please note, all asterisks (*) are for clarification and are not part of the original state policy):

Q: In response to the proposed cut to elementary subject matter specialist time (commonly known as prep), can parent organizations hire individuals to teach science, P.E., music, or computer at their child's school?


          A: No. Parent organizations cannot directly hire staff to augment cuts for the schools. All employees, 

              classified and certificated, must be hired by the District. Any reinstatement of elementary subject

              matter specialists at schools will be done equitably throughout the District by the FUSD Human

              Resources Department.


Q: Can parent organizations hire someone to help perform non-teaching duties (such as those done by Library Media Techs) performed currently by employees and eliminated or reduced due to budget cuts?


          A: No. See above answer regarding parent organizations hiring staff. Non-teaching duties currently

              performed by employees may still be considered normal employee duties/requirements.


Q: Can parent organizations donate funds to a school for the purpose of hiring someone to render services not offered at the school prior to budget cuts?


          A: Yes. Parent organizations can donate funds to the District for the purpose of hiring someone to render

              services not previously offered at the school, however, parent organizations cannot be the employee

              agency. This should be coordinated with the principal and the school must fill out all appropriate paper

              work with FUSD Human Resources Department prior to hiring anyone. The employee would then be

              paid through the District from the donations given to the school for that purpose.


Q: Can parents volunteer to help with teaching duties to fill in for the loss of employees due to the budget cuts?


          A: No. California Education Code 35021 states:


              (b) No district may abolish any of its classified positions* and utilize volunteer aides, as authorized

                   herein, in  lieu of classified employees who are laid off as a result of the abolition of a position. A

                   district shall not refuse to employ a person in a vacant classified position and use volunteer aides

                   in lieu of filling the classified position.


              (c) It is the intent of the Legislature to permit school districts to use volunteer aides to enhance its

                   educational  program but not to permit displacement of classified employees nor to allow districts

                   to utilize volunteers in lieu of normal employee requirements.


                * Includes Library Media Technicians and other classified positions.


Q: Can parents volunteer to help with non-teaching duties to assist employees as they take on a larger work load due to the budget cuts?


          A: Yes. California Education Code 35021 states:


              (a) Notwithstanding any other law, any person, except a person required to register as a sex offender

                   pursuant to Section 290 of the Penal Code, may be permitted by the governing board of any school

                   district to perform the duties specified in Section 44814 or 44815*, or to serve as a nonteaching

                   volunteer aide under the immediate supervision and direction of the certificated personnel of the

                   district to perform noninstructional work which serves to assist the certificated personnel in

                   performance of teaching and administrative responsibilities. With respect to this noninstructional

                   work, the nonteaching volunteer aide shall serve without compensation of any type or other benefits

                   accorded to employees of the district, except as provided in Section 3364.5 of the Labor Code.


               * Allows for recreation personnel or other suitable persons to supervise the pupils of the district

                 during lunch period, breakfast period or other nutrition period.


                 FUSD Board Policy 1240 Community Relations/Volunteer Assistance provides clear guidelines  

                 regarding volunteers. This policy can be viewed here: BP 1240.


Q: How can parents help their schools during this budget crisis?


          A: Parents are encouraged to continue to volunteer (within the guidelines of CA Ed Code stated above)

              and raise funds to benefit their schools, as they have done in the past. The District is in the process of

              forming a Donation Task Force to benefit all students in Fremont. More information on the Donation

              Task Force will be available in the fall. In the meantime, parents and parent organizations interested in

              donating to their schools should contact their school principal to coordinate any volunteer activity,

              fundraisers or events.



Due to reductions in time and availability over the summer, staff may not be able to respond to inquiries immediately. Information may be posted on the website over the summer and more information will be available in the fall when school resumes.


Thank you for your continued dedication.


School Site Opportunities

Listed below are a number of opportunities for parents to become involved in volunteer activities. The list is a work in progress. 

Health and Safety Committee, Parents and students meeting to discuss emergency preparedness and safety issues. Contact principal.

School Site Council, Provides strategic guidance for school instructional program and liaison to district office. Contact Principal.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA); Parent groups officially associated with state and national PTA advocate for children, support effective parenting and promote public involvement in schools. Contact site PTA representative.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO); Site-based parent groups performing similar functions as PTA but not affiliated with state or national organization. Contact site PTO representative.

Booster Clubs; Parent groups formed to support specific student activities such as sports, band, fine arts. Contact site representatives.

SCRIPP, Organizing classroom fundraising certificate program. Contact school office.

Classroom and project volunteer opportunities
Music for Minors, volunteers teaching music 
Copying materials
Communications packet assembly
Event volunteers for carnivals and holiday celebrations