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January 8, 2020, FUSD Board of Education Meeting – Measure E Bond Program
Posted 1/10/20

Regarding meeting items related to facilities and construction, the Board:


  • Authorized staff to enter into an agreement in the amount of $44,500 with RMA Group for Geotechnical Engineering Services for the Williamson property located at 3350 Eggers Drive. As part of the architectural, structural, civil and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, consultants have required a geological study on the Williamson property. This report is necessary for the consultants to assess the structural and soil adequacy of the existing site. (This is a non-Measure E Bond item that will be paid from Sale of Site Funds.)


  • Authorized staff to file a Notice of Completion (NOC) with Rodan Builders, Inc. for the new construction project at Washington High School. An NOC is a legal filing required by Public Contract Code to effectively close the construction agreement and to indicate that the construction of the project is fully complete. The new 10-classroom building has been occupied since the beginning of the school year. A final deductive change order for Rodan was processed in the amount of $20,835, representing credits for unused allowances within the construction contract. The current project contingency is $642,330 and once all costs are finalized, the remaining amount will be moved to the Measure E program contingency fund.


  • Authorized staff to amend the agreement with Consolidated Engineering Laboratories (CEL) with an amount not to exceed $44,000 for material testing and special inspection consulting services for the new construction project at Horner Middle School. The cost of this work is within the budget for the project. The total contract value is now $631,591.


  • Selected Vinita Verma to fill the vacant seat of Alternate - Parent & Parent-Teacher Organization for the 2014 Measure E Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC). The committee still has two vacancies, the Alternate - Business Organization, and the Alternate - Taxpayers' Organization.

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