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Community Overview

STaff and STudentsFrom the student and teacher in the classroom, to parent volunteers, to committee members, as well as the hundreds of staff all the way to the members of the Board of Education - WE all make up the community that strives to support the mission of FUSD - to provide equitable opportunities that educate, challenge, and inspire students of all ages, talents, and ability levels. 

This section of the website points to links for students, families and our community to find information from FUSD and other groups that support FUSD, such as the Fremont Education Foundation [↗].

Helpful Links

Get Involved

District committees offer parents/guardians and other Fremont residents opportunities for meaningful participation, see our District Committees Overview for more information.

Parent/Guardian Volunteer Opportunities are available if you are looking to share your skills and time to our school community.

Find Information on Flyer Distribution to learn about sharing information with our schools. 

Giving to FUSD

  • Please share your ideas of what groups or individuals we should reach out to in the community that we are not yet reaching.
  • Please provide suggestions on how we can encourage people to participate in District committees and commissions.
  • If you are currently participating in a District committee or commission, please share with the District
    • what caused you to become involved in the District committee and/or commission,
    • what could be done to improve the quality of your participation in the committee or commission, and
    • whether you would participate in another District committee or commission.
  • If you are a member of a community organization or service club, please solicit ideas for increasing community participation in District committees or commissions from your members and share them with District staff.

Facility Use/Rentals

Please visit our Community Services Dept.