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Teacher Laptop Input - Sept 2020

Please help the district to understand teacher laptop needs.
We understand that this is a frustrating topic and some funds have been allocated toward the solution.

Each laptop is considered to have the basics - screen, keyboard, and touch pad. We recognize this is a limited group of features. District is not considering the MAC (Apple) platform or Chromebooks at this time.

screen size (bigger) - physical size of display screen in inches (12 inches to 17) on diagonal – screen size is a part of portability and battery life
processor speed - processor is like the engine – it means how fast apps load, if you can run multiple apps at once, also effects the total number of students visible in gallery view at once on Zoom
screen quality (crisp) - display color quality, anti-glare attributes, resolution of screen in  pixels (graphics card)    
touch screen - whole display screen is an input device and a finger or stylus moves the cursor or mouse pointer
keyboard quality -  the keyboard is the typewriter-style buttons or keys. Quality includes the size, the switches under the keys that provide feel (tactile) feedback and other factors like surface coating or texture.
numeric keypad - built into the laptop the 10 number key calculator style
long battery life - how long the laptop stays on while not plugged in
number of ports - ports are the physical connections to plug in devices like USB memory sticks, VGA video and HDMI
variety of ports (HDMI, USB-C) - provide a selection of different ports
more memory (RAM) - Random Access Memory is the temporary memory your laptop uses to hold your applications/documents or web pages you’re working with at the same time
Wi-Fi quality - connectivity how stable and fast the web connects, specs include the antenna type or how the signal is picked up from the network source
webcam quality - compact digital video (and audio) camera with a high resolution, lens material and microphone  
more storage (hard drive) - amount of space to store files on the actual laptop – most storage is moving to “the cloud” or Google Drive
durability - withstand general accidents and how long it lasts