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Public Information Dept.

The Public Information Department is committed to providing timely and accurate information to the public. 

FUSD strives to keep our community updated about our schools, programs and the achievements of our students and staff. See BP 1110 Communications/Mass Media and AR 1110 for more information.

We use the following distribution tools to communicate with our stakeholders:

Distribution Tools

FUSD/School Websites
District and school websites provide current and useful information regarding programs, activities and operations. See FUSD's website support pageBP 1113 District and School Web Sites and AR 1113 for more information. 

FUSD Social Media
FUSD posts information, photos, videos and more to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. See BP 1114: District Use of Social Media and AR 1114 for more information.

FUSD staff are welcome to send items for our FUSD's social media accounts to Public Information Officer Laura Forrest at, please confirm photo release status for any identifiable individuals in photos. 

FUSD does not typically promote fundraisers for non-District groups (including PTA/Boosters) on our social media platforms. 

Groups wishing to promote an event may submit flyers via Peachjar to be considered for distribution. 

FUSD News Stories
Please visit FUSD News to find the latest headlines, press releases and community-wide messages from FUSD. 

FUSD staff may pitch content/stories to Public Information Officer Laura Forrest at

Newsletters and Other Messages to Our Community
Content in our Superintendent Newsletter and other direct messages to our community is created/curated by FUSD staff. 

Flyer Distribution
Peachjar is our flyer distribution platform, and the best way for nonprofit and community organizations to promote service and event flyers to FUSD parents/guardians via email and placement on school-specific sites. 

View guidelines and more information about Peachjar.

Department Information

Phone: (510) 657-2350
Room: 290
Fax: (510) 659-2597

Contact for All Media Inquiries
Laura Forrest
Public Information Officer
Ext. 12594

Contact for Website
Barth Paine
District Web Designer
Ext. 12285