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Facilities Advisory Committee Overview

The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) serves as a working committee of the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) Board of Education. The committee anticipates District facilities needs by studying current and future needs related to student enrollment, develops processes and procedures for obtaining input from community and employee organizations, submits recommendations to the Board, and conducts reviews of various reports, trends, and proposals.

FAC Members and Meetings


Facilities Advisory Committee Needs Parent/guardian in the Mission attendance area, one in Washington attendance area and one community member.

ONLINE Application FORM (Google Form)
Printable Application available (pdf)

Bylaws (pdf)


  1. Serve as a working committee to anticipate District facilities needs by studying current and future needs in the face of growing or declining student enrollment.
  2. Develop processes and procedures for obtaining community and employee organization input regarding construction and facilities matters of the District.
  3. Develop and submit recommendations to the Board to support District facilities priorities.
  4. Conduct reviews of:
    1. Annual demographic report and provide input on the District’s facilities priorities based on enrollment growth or decline
    2. Commercial and residential housing development trends
    3. Annual bond report and assess alignment with District priorities
    4. Staff proposals and provide input regarding viability options

Cross-section of sixteen (16) community members and other stakeholders led by a District staff member designated by the Superintendent.

  • Five (5) parents/guardians of current FUSD student, one from each of the District’s five (5) attendance areas *
  • Five (5) community members. *
  • One (1) parent/guardian from a school not represented in an attendance area (e.g. Glankler, Robertson/Vista, Adult School and COIL) 
  • One (1) student member (to be appointed by SurfBoardE)
  • One (1) representative from each of the District’s four (4) employee organizations (to be appointed by respective employee organization)

In no event, however, shall any one of the District’s attendance areas have more than three (3) members on the committee.

Each term lasts two years, except for initial three-year terms for certain volunteer members, and ends in September. After term expiration, a member may apply for reappointment.

Members are required to attend monthly meetings of the full committee. Additional time
commitments may be necessary for members appointed to subcommittee work.