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Email - Change from Outlook to Gmail

Sign in with your Staff Google Username ( for Staff and Teacher Links and Gmail on August 1st - You may be already signed in under another Google Account ( or because many of us have our own personal Gmail and Google Drive Folders - You may receive Errors - Like "404" Not Found (broken robot) and "You need permission…" 

Google Sign OutTo sign out - Go to and click the upper right corner user circle icon (opens pull down menu) of who is signed in then sign out the non-staff FUSD account.

If working on shared or publicly accessible computer please remember to Sign out when done.

Top Tips (after Change over ON AUG 1)
  • Login to Gmail with your account
  • Do not store any emails in the Trash it is DELETED after 30 days
  • Folders moved over will now be Labels 
  • Both email address will work and - Login with
  • General tab within Gmail Settings, you can toggle off "conversation view"

New Email Login   Starting Early August 2019New Email Login – Starting August 1st 2019

  • Email will be moved from Outlook/Exchange to Gmail
  • Any calendars that exist in Outlook will be moved to Gmail; events and meetings within those calendars will also be moved. Any attachments/files attached to a meeting or event will not be moved.
  • Contacts that exist in Outlook will be moved to Gmail
  • District managed distribution lists will be moved to Gmail. If you have a distribution group that you created, that personal group will be moved with your contacts.
  • Individual tasks will be moved to Gmail. Recurring tasks will need to be created within Gmail.
  • Email delegates will be retained.
  • Email deleted items folder will be migrated to gmail trash folder. Warning: Emails in deleted items folder that are moved to the Gmail trash folder will be deleted after 30 days. Do not use the Gmail Trash folder to store emails you wish to keep!
  • Mail merge will be available for those that create mass emails

Since the District began using Google Apps for Education in 2014, many staff members have asked if the District would be also switching email services from the current email system Microsoft Exchange to Google Gmail. 

After discussing this at several Technology Advisory Committee meetings, working with all bargaining units to address potential concerns and plan training, and reviewing with the Board of Education, the District has scheduled a migration to use Gmail for our district email services. This will take place in early August 1st 2019. The timing is to allow staff who are returning from summer break the opportunity to become familiar with the new interface and also take advantage of training before school starts. The teachers that were on the advisory committee strongly felt that this was the best time to make this change.

Some frequently asked questions:

Will my email address change?

No. You actually have 2 email addresses that work right now: the long one (, and the short one( Email will continue to be delivered to both addresses so you don’t have to change any business cards or web pages. Login to Gmail with one.

What will happen to my existing email?

Email that is in your inbox will be migrated to the Gmail inbox. This will occur in June and July during the summer break. Do not store any emails in the Trash it is DELETED after 30 days. Folders moved over will now be Labels.

Why are we moving to Gmail?

There are several factors - reduced costs, convenience, educational benefit, advanced features, and better integration with Google G Suite.


Differences at a glance
In Outlook... In Gmail...
View messages and their replies by default as individual entries in your Inbox Group messages and their replies by default in conversation threads so you see multiple related messages in one view
Create multiple signatures Use Canned Responses
Spell check automatically while composing Check spelling after composing
Attach and forward multiple messages Forward all or select messages in a conversation thread
Delete messages, typically to save space Archive messages to declutter your inbox
Sort messages by sender, date, or size Find messages by sender, date, topic, and more using Gmail
Organize messages in folders Tag messages with labels
Assign color categories to messages Color-code your labels
Flag important messages Star or add markers to important messages
Manage incoming email with rules Manage incoming email with filters
Flag messages for follow-up Add messages to your tasks list or a Follow Up label
Get desktop mail notifications via Desktop Alerts Enable desktop notifications in Chrome