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7-11 Committee



Most of the Committees and Advisory Groups will be live streaming Shelter In Place - Office Closed - via Video-Telecon - Virtual/online - Meetings from this page while in progressThank You.


Establish protocols: 9/29, 2020 @ 3:30 PM Agenda
Meetings: Thursdays @ 4 PM
10/15 Agenda, Handouts and Draft Minutes | Minutes
10/29 Agenda

Member List

Committee to advise the FUSD Board of Trustees regarding the Marshall site in particular.

7-11 means at least seven but no more than 11 committee members are required by state law 

The Committee will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating all relevant data in order to provide the Board with recommendations on how to maximize income from District property and educational or after-school program options for specific school sites; alternative uses for specific school sites, including long-term leases and child care programs; and possible disposition of property. Members will be appointed to represent a cross-section of the local community in regards to socio-economic and ethnic composition, profession, expertise in land use planning, and other factors. 

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