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Oliveira Ambassador Program is a "Peer/Service Learning Program" that builds leadership capabilities, self esteem, and self worth in our Oliveira youth both at school and in our local community. Program content includes a strong focus on peer development leading to success in  and out of the classroom and at home. To become a successful program we emphasize parent involvement as a way to strengthen community commitment to the ideas presented in the program, and to reinforce support of these values in the Ambassadors.

             Our Leaders of Tomorrow

 Ambassadors March 2012

If you have any questions please contact:
Mr. Ian Squibb - Oliveira Principal                      Mrs. Christina Monkman 
Fremont Unified School District                             Oliveira Elementary School
Tel:   (510) 797-1135 x54103                                  Tel:    (510) 797-1135 x54017
Fax:  (510) 797-0861                                               Fax:  (510) 797-0861