• Presentation Template

    Giving a Presentation to the Board of Education?

    Please use our templates: The goal of these templates is to provide space for Closed Captioning Services (steno captioning) during the Live Meeting on our Streaming and TV services.

    External Template (PowerPoint file .potx 63k)

    Internal Template - FUSD Departments (PowerPoint file .potx 327k - includes title page and district logo)

    Guidelines for Google Slides (click this Google Slide link then "Make a Copy" under File for your presentation)

    Please contact Barth Paine with any feedback/issues around the template files and Sharon Coco with any meeting issues for loading the presentation. The PowerPoint templates have code to keep the blue (or black) bar on the top layer of the presentation so you can not put any text/graphics on the lower area.



    Our meeting format is in HD or a 16:9 ratio - Closed Captioning text covers the lower part of the screen. Limit the number of slides (around 10). Include only essential information. Use a large contrasting readable font (24pt - no smaller than 16pt). Avoid (flashy) transitions. Complex tables can have the title to the left of the data - if needed. Simplify. 

    Example of Safe Area on Meeting Stream

    Safe Area

Last Modified on March 2, 2017