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Mission San Jose Elementary

5th Grade Room 15 
December 8, 2014




I have read and acknowledge the information regarding my child’s state report for this year. I am aware that specific information about the requirements, expectations, and timeline will be made available via three channels: Ms. Brah’s FUSD website teacher page http://www.fremont.k12.ca.us/Page/4604, email attachments forwarded by Ms. Brah to our classroom parents email group, and a hardcopy of all pertinent documents that are attached to this letter of notification. All three aforementioned channels contain the same information relating to this long-term project. I will support my child in the process of gathering, organizing, and presenting research based information and material. I am also aware that there are some samples of work made available for my child to view, which include power point slides and brochures. I will notify the teacher by phone, letter, or email if any concerns or doubts should arise.





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